Massey Expects to Be Competitive in Fund-Raising

Marilyn Roddy released her impressive fund-raising totals early and observers say she has been tireless in door-to-door campaigning for the 6th District state Senate seat vacated by Jamie Woodson. Roddy announced $92,000 raised thus far in the campaign.

Supporters of Becky Duncan Massey predict that money will not be an issue and that when she announces her totals today (Thursday), the cash on hand will be close to the same. Observers say Massey has been preaching to the choir—meeting Republican Clubs, party picnics, and calling on party activists to organize and support her campaign. She has an extensive Rolodex from campaigns for her congressman father and her congressman brother.

In a special election, getting the rank and file to the polls may do it. Roddy needs voters who are not party-line regulars and has been aggressively pursuing them.