Marilyn Roddy's Who's Who

Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy is following a campaign script that has been followed by successful mayoral candidates in recent years—get out first, lock up support from influential people, and get a jump on fund-raising. It worked for Mike Ragsdale, Bill Haslam, and, lately, Tim Burchett.

Roddy is the only candidate to formally announce for Knoxville mayor and will have a kick-off reception at the Tennessee Theatre on Tuesday. The 147-member host committee doesn't include any current members of City Council, but it reads like a Who's Who of Knoxville; a few of the names include Jim Clayton, Bill Stokely, Wes Stowers, John Turley, Ron Watkins, Pat Wood, Sarah Moore Greene, Henrietta Grant, Mary Costa, Pete Claussen, Mike Campbell, Bill Snyder and Greg Issacs.

Madeline Rogero and Ivan Harmon have also said they intend to run and have named treasurers for their campaigns.

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