March Against Genetically Altered Food

A conservative Republican state senator joining a protest of one of the nation's top corporations? How can this be?

March Against Monsanto Knoxville has planned a protest beginning on Market Square on Saturday, May 25, to protest the use of unlabeled genetically modified foods in the marketplace. The group, led by Jennifer Bullard, says the genetically modified elements in the food supply cause food allergies in children and cites her own as proof. Monsanto makes Round-up herbicide and produces genetically altered corn, which does not reproduce and contains an herbicide. While producing more yield, it introduces plants that are sterile into the ecology, and critics fear it may cross-pollinate and affect the world food supply.

Critics also claim the genetic modifications are linked to a wide variety of problems, including obesity, diabetes, autism, and infertility.

The often controversial state Sen. Frank Niceley will be the guest speaker. Niceley has called on Monsanto to label all genetically modified foods to give the consumer an informed choice. Niceley and his family farm heritage plants and raise free-range hogs and chickens and produce corn meal from non-genetically modified corn. His daughters are active in the farm-to-table movement.

The program begins at 1 p.m.