Man v. White Mule?

He said he'd only had two hours of sleep the night before, but all reports of Man v. Food host Adam Richman's stop at the Downtown Grill & Brewery for beers and a late-night snack around 1 a.m. Tuesday are positive. He ordered the Buffalo wrap with grilled chicken and guacamole and seemed to like it, while fielding questions from fans. The table also got two pounds of wings and an order of nachos—but not all for Richman; his film crew was there to help. "He loved the beer, especially the White Mule, so we sent him off with a 1-liter growler of that," says Josh Adkins, an employee at the Brewery who hung out to hear lots of "on the road" anecdotes. After they left, it became Crew v. Crew, with the film guys rolling around in the street. "They were play wrasslin', having a good time," says Adkins. "It was pretty cool." Sounds like they'll have more good times here, too—rumor has it the Travel Channel show is taping segments in at least two local eateries this week.