Major Shakeup Continues in Local Radio Market

Longtime local radio host and radio executive Ed Brantley will be hosting a morning show on the 100,000-watt 100.3 dial beginning Aug. 1 and Dave Hooker, the News Sentinel reporter and host of the newspaper's Sports Page radio show on the Sports Animal, will be joining Brantley's team to do sports reporting and likely host a sports talk show.

These are the latest moves in what is expected to be a major shakeup in the Knoxville radio market. Citadel is moving its NewsTalk operation to the 8,000-watt 98.7 with its current lineup of hosts including Hallerin Hill, Phil Williams, and Rush Limbaugh. The Citadel station has replaced Neal Boortz with Glenn Beck. Boortz will be joining the Brantley station. Citadel is simulcasting on both stations until the Aug. 1 changeover.

The 100,000-watt 100.3 has been taken over by local radio entrepreneur Johnny Pirkle, who owns it but had been leasing the station to Citadel Broadcasting. Citadel's local operations were run by Brantley. Citadel let Brantley go and gave up the Pirkle lease, leaving the two veterans an opportunity to launch a news talk station.

Brantley was a popular drive-time host of WIVK for 20 years and the host of "Sound Off." In addition to Boortz, the new talk station will also have syndicated hosts Alan Colmes (formerly of Hannity & Colmes on Fox) and Michael Savage.