'Mad Men' Moves in Dish Network Dispute

Local Dish network customers have been surprised in the past week to discover two channels missing from the usual lineup. The AMC channel, home to Mad Men, The Killing, and The Walking Dead, vanished, as did the Independent Film Channel.

Seems AMC, on a roll with Emmy-winning, ratings-rich programs, wants more money for it and sister channels when the current contract expires June 30.

During the dispute, DISH moved the channels to Siberia. They are now located up in the four-digit 9000 range on the network, where the infomercial channels are located, rather than being near other movie channels like TCM or TNT or TBS.

After a few days of no doubt getting hundreds of phone calls, the old AMC slot has a tiny note inserted directing viewers to channel 9609. AMC has run commercials on Mad Men warning viewers DISH might drop the show.