Lumpy 'Burns in Hell'

Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert was featured in a front-page story in the News Sentinel on Saturday saying that former Sheriff Tim Hutchison was "the general" in the Black Wednesday fiasco and he was but a soldier. He contends Hutchison is being disingenuous in saying he was not there on the day deals were cut to elect a slate of commissioners, later removed after losing a "Sunshine" lawsuit.

Hutchison is running for county mayor. Saturday morning Lambert got a call from one of his former supporters who is a Hutchison ally, suggesting it will be a good thing if Lambert "burns in hell" for lying. Lambert pointed out that his former supporter hates him and wondered "why would you want to spend eternity with me?"

The race between Hutchison and state Sen. Tim Burchett has frayed nerves and caused some hard feelings since both candidates have had many of the same supporters in previous races.

For instance, former Commissioner Diane Jordan was long a Hutchison ally on County Commission; he helped her at a time when her foster son was in trouble with Knoxville police. But Jordan and Andrew Dix have been passing out Citizens for Effective Government "ballots" at the Five Points early voting site marked for Burchett, Bud Armstrong, John Duncan III, Jimmy "JJ" Jones, Cathy Quist, Joy McCroskey, Foster Arnett and Sherry Witt.

On his website Hutchison ties Jordan to "lobster lunches" provided by the staff of current County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, linking Ragsdale and Burchett.