Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's Winning Consultant

It must be a comfort to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's gubernatorial campaign that his principle consultant has had a string of notable successes recently, including the Massachusetts miracle.

Brad Todd, a Roane County native who is a partner at OnMessageInc. in Washington, produced ads for newly-elected U.S. Senator Scott Brown, who captured U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat. He also made ads, called "devastating" by the Washington Post, against Creigh Deeds, who lost the Virginia governorship to Republican Bob McDonnell last year. Todd was also the consultant who worked for Bobby Jindal in his big win as Louisiana governor. Jindal was the first non-incumbent to win the Louisiana governor's office without a run-off.

When Republicans locked up control of the Tennessee state senate in 2008 Todd consulted on campaigns for successful state senators Mike Faulk, Ken Yeager, Jim Tracy and Diane Black.

Todd will be the lead consultant for the Republican National Congressional Committee in the fall elections.