Lt. Gov. Ramsey Makes a Drop-In

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey made a quick stop in Knoxville on Friday to visit with a group at Shoney's in South Knoxville, just one mile from Mayor Bill Haslam's sixth floor office in the City County building.

The South Knoxville group meets regularly and grew out of an informal circle of friends who used to meet at the late Commissioner Howard "Nookie" Pinkston's car lot. Howard's brother Paul, a current commissioner, is the leader of the current incarnation.

Ramsey got a warm reception at the breakfast meeting, as did Haslam earlier this year. The only issue Ramsey got flak over was the proposal on how to select state Supreme Court justices, an issue that is giving Ramsey grief with conservatives all over the state. Most rank-and-file Republicans want the justices to be picked by popular election. Ramsey has favored modifying the current judicial selection panel which has representatives of various legal groups submit a list of three names to the governor, from which the justice is picked.