Lower Speed Limit Approved for Kingston Pike Through Sequoyah Hills

After three years of lobbying, Sequoyah Hills homeowners have finally achieved the nearly impossible: a lower speed limit for Kingston Pike. City Council voted last week to drop the speed limit from 45 mph to 40 mph for the two-mile stretch running through the pike's residential section, where cars have been driving on average around 50 mph and often speed up to 75 mph.

"We wanted 35, and we got 40," says Sequoyah Hills homeowner Allen Tate. "I'm satisfied with that. We're happy something's finally happening. The next step is enforcing the new speed limit and educating the public."

CORRECTION: City Council itself did not approve the new speed limit; it was actually Council's Traffic Calming Committee, headed by Vice Mayor Joe Bailey, that approved the change. That put the ball in the court of the city's engineering department, who will study the matter for 60-90 days, then make a recommendation to the mayor.