Local Practices Step Up to Recruit Mrs. Derek Dooley, MD

Knoxville knows recruiting is important and some locals are gearing up to do just that as new Coach Derek Dooley moves to town to take over the Vol football team.

While the former coach had an attractive blond wife who was once featured in a music video, the latest coach (who has a law degree) has an attractive blond wife who is a doctor. Dr. Allison Jeffers Dooley, OB/GYN, is likely to be able to pick and choose among local hospitals and doctor groups when she sets up a practice. Landing Dr. Dooley would be a major coup for local hospital PR departments. She has had to move her practice in the past, following her coach husband from LSU to the Miami Dolphins then back to Louisiana Tech.

Dr. Dooley told WVLT that her son being named Peyton, like the famous Vol quarterback, is just a coincidence. She just liked the name. As far as we know, the Dooleys don't plan to rename any of their children "Knox."