Limbaugh Stays, Hannity Goes

Conservative talk show fans in Knoxville are having to adjust to a new lineup this month.

Sean Hannity has gone away and has been replaced by Michael Savage.

Cumulus Broadcasting, which owns NewsTalk 98.7 (WOKI) in Knoxville, announced some months ago that it was considering dropping Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. They decided Limbaugh is too popular to drop; he is still the highest-rated talk radio host. But Hannity is no longer on the Cumulus network; he made arrangements to go to another network.

The Savage Nation now airs from 6-9 p.m., followed by Mark Levin 9-12. Savage and Levin are even more conservative than Hannity. Levin, who has been on the network for some time, is a particular favorite of Tea Party members.