Letter: Vitriol, Rag, Sleazy

Wow, what town is missing their village idiot? The Confederate flag is as appropriate as your rainbow sticker, your Obama sticker, and your PETA sticker that combine to obscure your vision while driving.

How does a "newspaper" print this writer's vitriol as an Op-Ed? I know, you're not a newspaper, so let's call you a "rag."

"Rag," as defined by Merriam-Webster.com:

A. A waste piece of cloth.

B. Clothes usually in poor or ragged condition

C. Something resembling a rag

D. Newspaper, especially a ‘sleazy' newspaper

Oh my! I pick D. You resemble a ‘sleazy' newspaper.

After reading the drivel in your paper, I tossed it out along with the author's dreams.

Note to the letter writer: When you hate people that supported the Confederacy and you live in their town...

As a service, I called Detroit and they're missing you.

Mike Brady