Let Them Eat Biscuits!

International Biscuit Festival promoter and spokesperson Amy Leigh Hubbard remembers a nervous moment this past Saturday about 9 a.m., a few minutes after the Biscuit Breakfast commenced. "It was sheer terror looking at the line over a block long and hearing we were almost out of tickets," she says. "We had our fingers crossed that we'd sell at least 200 but we sold the entire 400 in about an hour. The biscuit is bigger than we are. Next year, we'll be heavily armed and ready for you biscuit eaters, so bring it on."

Organizers estimate they could quintuple the biscuits supplied next year and not have a crumb left. (Perhaps adding to the debut festival's popularity was a pseudo-apron striptease as part of the Miss/Mr. Biscuit Pageant's "talent" portion.)