Let it Go?

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero took to a local blog to castigate one of her predecessors for stirring up trouble.

In a post on KnoxViews she referred to Victor Ashe as "former mayor, former ambassador and current investigative reporter" and criticized Ashe for raising an issue with there not being Historic Fort Sanders Neighborhood Association members on a task force looking at a possible cultural center on the South Lawn of World's Fair Park. Ashe wrote about the issue in his column in the Shopper News. Rogero thought it bad form for a former mayor to be getting involved. She accused him of making phone calls to stir up trouble with Fort Sanders representatives.

"Note to Self: Let it go when your term is up," she wrote.

When queried, Ashe said he "would not respond because he didn't want a disagreement over one issue to harm his relationship" with the mayor.