Lawsuit Presents Another Existential Crisis For Knox County Commission

Is Knox County headed for another train wreck?

At the end of the month, the Knox County Election Commission has to submit to the state the ballot for the county election. It currently would reflect charter amendments reorganizing Knox County Commission. But there is a lawsuit before Chancellor John Weaver that is still alive that allows the reorganization to be repealed. That would put 19 commissioners back on the ballot for County Commission instead of the 11 specified by the charter change—nine districts plus two at-large seats.

Weaver, you recall, originally ruled the county charter invalid. The repeal of that ruling led the state Supreme Court to rule that term limits were in force and ousted a passel of courthouse politicos. Replacements were ousted by a Sunshine lawsuit, etc. etc. etc.

If Weaver once ruled the county charter invalid, will he rule that changes to the invalid charter are also invalid? Or will he recognize the Supreme Court ruling that Knox County has a de facto government?

With the decision pending, the state of the election ballot is in limbo. Stay tuned.