Late Interest in Politics?

Congressman Jimmy Duncan's supporters say his opponent has not shown much interest in politics before entering the race. They say Jason Zachary has had a pretty hit or miss voting record.

Duncan supporters compiled a voting record showing that Zachary has only voted in one federal/state primary since he registered to vote 18 years ago; that was the 2010 primary which included the governor's race between Bill Haslam and Zach Wamp.

He voted in two presidential primaries, 2008, 2012, and never voted in a standalone county election, according to the election commission records. No voting record for the presidential primaries in 1996, 2000, or 2004. Zachary has not voted in local elections other than when they coincided with presidential elections, records show.

Zachary says he is like "94 percent" of the people in the district and that it isn't apathy—it's that people aren't educated on when elections occur, especially primaries, and that he, like most people, show up to vote for president. He says he has made no secret of his lack of voting in primaries because he didn't know about them.

He says candidates concentrate on the "super voters" and the public at large is not involved in politics and he hopes to change that.