Last of the Popcorn Sutton Moonshine?

This Christmas season may result in the consumption of the final product of Popcorn Sutton's legendary moonshine operation. Sutton committed suicide rather than go back to prison on whiskey-making related charges, and his last batches are about to disappear.

Hank Williams Jr. has famously been known to have rowdy friends, but it was a bit of a surprise to see him at the funeral for the famous Cocke County moonshiner Sutton. Williams has joined with former motocross racer Jamie Grosser, according to the Tennessean, to set up a legal still, pay taxes and produce "un-aged" whiskey based on Sutton's recipe. Grosser spent time with Sutton, learning the process, and was working with Sutton to take him legit as part of his new operation before Sutton's suicide.

So Popcorn's recipe may soon become available in a liquor store near you. With taxes paid, will it still taste the same?