KTSC Hopes Moxley Carmichael Will Help Restore Trust

Much of the focus of the controversy over Gloria Ray's compensation by the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp. is over $400,000 due her with salary and bonuses—but this isn't something that started this year.

Ray got $416,623 at the end of the last fiscal year. She got $405,583 at the end of the previous fiscal year. And $309,207 for the fiscal year before that. This according to the form 990s filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

When David Duncan resigned as chair of the KTSC board, Vice Chair Susan Brown stepped in and immediately hired Moxley Carmichael to handle public relations, which caused some derision around town. Why did a public relations group need to hire someone for public relations? And Brown is Cynthia Moxley's BFF. But this was also at the same time that the board hired a lawyer and things got serious.

KTSC, and Ray, had been talking with Moxley since the criticism started. But Moxley hesitated to get into the middle of the mess until Brown called on her to help. Moxley Carmichael is being paid $200 per hour to handle public relations, less than their usual rate, arguing that being a marketing firm like the KTSC is not the same as being a public relations company, and that it is important to restore trust with the public and local government.