Knoxville Chamber Unleashes Plan B

There was a certain amount of exhaustion and exasperation in the air last Thursday when City Council and County Commission held the latest in a series of meetings on the beleaguered Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan. Council members (who have yet to vote on the plan, which the Metropolitan Planning Commission approved last December) and commissioners (who narrowly voted it down under pressure from developers and County Mayor Tim Burchett) had been working toward a compromise version of sorts. But then last week came the Knoxville Chamber with a hillside/ridgetop plan of its own, called Plan B. When County Commissioner Amy Broyles noted that that's also the brand name of the morning-after pill, attorney Tom McAdams (representing the Chamber) said that was on purpose: "We consider this an emergency contraceptive."

Given that the city and county are now three-plus years into this endeavor, the Chamber's move is maybe more like an attempted late-term abortion. But in any case, and despite the weariness and wariness evinced by some of the local legislators, the Chamber's plan (which is less restrictive on hillside development than the current document) was sent on to MPC for evaluation. Council and Commission will meet (again) Oct. 17 to talk about it all (again).