Knox County Schools Get Video Conferencing

Bright students at all Knox County high schools may benefit from the new STEM school that opened this week in the old L&N building downtown. The school system got over $400,000 in "distance learning" equipment from UT-Battelle, the operator of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A video conferencing room is being constructed at each high school.

It will be possible, for example, that the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math school could offer an advance physics course that would be of interest to only one or two students at other high schools. But the students from all over the county could sign up for and participate in the advanced physics class being offered downtown.

The STEM school will offer a variety of science and math courses that might not have enough students at an individual high school to justify offering the course and assigning a teacher. The distance learning program can provide STEM school resources to all the other high schools.