Knox County Schools Don't Suck Bad Enough

Are Knox County schools too good to get more money?

No, we aren't talking about County Commission and the school board request for a $35 million increase in its annual budget. The state of Tennessee announced pass-through federal grants for schools this past week and Knox County was alone among metropolitan school systems in getting none of the money.

The grants totaled $14.8 million for Memphis, $12.4 million for Nashville, and $600,000 for Hamilton County (Chattanooga). Knox County was not considered to be bad off enough to qualify for the federal grants. The state has identified the 85 schools in Tennessee that suck the worst, and Knox County doesn't have any of them. They are all in Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Chattanooga only got $600,000 to help them apply for a multimillion-dollar grant in the next round.