Kidnap Victim to Tell Her Story

Elizabeth Smart, whose childhood abduction was a national story, will be in the area for a speech in September. Smart, who was rescued after a nine-month kidnapping ordeal, is active in counseling abducted children and supporting child-rescue organizations.

Smart was abducted from the bedroom of her upscale Salt Lake City home in June 2002, when she was 14 years old. Her kidnapping was a national story and later a movie and a book; up to 2,000 volunteers looked for her for months. A sketch artist, working with her sister, who saw the abductor, produced a picture. The sketch was used on America's Most Wanted and the abductor's family contacted police with his identity. Brian Mitchell was spotted and reported to police, and Smart was rescued.

The now-24-year-old Smart will speak Sept. 18 at Lakeway Regional Hospital in Morristown in celebration of the seventh anniversary of the Healthy Woman program at the hospital, according to the hospital's website.