Judge Swann Gets a Bad Press Release

It is highly unusual for a lawyer to publicly criticize the judge in a case, though it might be easier for a lawyer from out of town.

Attorney Elliot Schuchardt has issued a press release criticizing Family Court Judge Bill Swann's actions in a divorce case. Schuchardt said Swann appointed a state-paid attorney for a man in a divorce case who earns $73,000 a year when attorneys are supposed to be appointed only for indigent defendants, making less than $23,000. Schuchardt, who represents the wife, says Swann would not declare the wife in the case indigent though she is an unemployed teacher.

Schuchardt, whose firm is in Pennsylvania, has asked Swann to recuse himself from the case.

The divorce case of Dendy v. Dendy has been going on since July 2007 and has occasioned 25 hearings.