Jon Lawler May Run for Knoxville Mayor

The scion of a wealthy Knoxville family known for good works decides to go into public service.

No, it isn't Bill Haslam. This time insiders say it may be Jon Lawler planning a run for Knoxville mayor. He's the son of Rodney Lawler, of Lawler-Wood fame and the money behind the Cornerstone Foundation. Young Lawler has run a construction company, been a pastor, and worked in community development. Two years ago Haslam and County Mayor Mike Ragsdale appointed Lawler director of the 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.

Lawler has a degree in theology as well as an MBA. His construction efforts have included rehabbing housing for families and the elderly.

Discussions are very preliminary at this point among several potential candidates for mayor, include Madeline Rogero, Marilyn Roddy, Rob Frost, and Alvin Nance. Rogero lost a close race to Haslam, Roddy and Frost have been on City Council and Nance heads KCDC.