John Cullum Tackles Two Broadway Roles

It would be tough for any actor to appear in two Broadway productions at the same time, much less one who is 79 years old.

Knoxville's own Emmy award-winning actor John Cullum is doing just that, as noted by National Public Radio in a feature last weekend. Cullum plays the patriarch in August: Orange County with a 7:35 p.m. curtain. He is in the first 15 minutes of the play, his disappearance setting up the action for the remainder of the play. Then he hurries down 45th Street in time to make the 8:30 curtain for the play Heroes.

Cullum gained national fame on television shows like Northern Exposure and ER, but has been a Broadway actor for 50 years. He told the interviewer that as a young man he studied finance and if he'd stayed in Knoxville another six months, it's likely he would have gone into his father's real estate business.