Joe Jarrett Eyes County Law Director Post

Joe Jarrett has made no secret of his plans to seek election as law director when his appointed interim term is up.

When there was a public outcry over severance pay being offered to fired appointees at the end of Mayor Mike Ragsdale's term, Jarrett was quick to rule that the charter has absolutely no provision allowing severance packages, supporting the position of outraged county commissioners and incoming County Mayor Tim Burchett—and the public at large. He could also have pointed out that the charter has no language prohibiting the practice either and that the county mayor has traditionally had discretion on how money in his office is spent.

At the last County Commission meeting Jarrett was quick to opine that the Midway business park issue could not be separated from the East Knox Sector Plan, giving support to Burchett's effort to postpone a vote for 60 more days for more hearings.