Jockeying For Position in Trustee Office?

We hear there is an employee in the Knox County Trustee's Office who is going around the courthouse soliciting support to be appointed to the trustee post.

This is quite a dis for his boss, since the office is presently occupied. Trustee John Duncan III and others in his office are under investigation for paying bonuses for a course not completed. County Mayor Tim Burchett has said that if the allegations are true Duncan ought to resign. But Duncan says the allegations aren't true and he doesn't plan to resign.

We know there has been some discussion about other possible "caretaker" candidates who could hold the office together until the next election. That isn't a good sign for the office in which four people have "lawyered up."

The inquiry into the office, if the past is any judge, will take a very long time. It is unlikely the office will be vacant, if it becomes so, for a long time.

Unless the trustee employee knows something we don't.