Jefferson County Tomorrow Claims Norfolk Southern Seeks to Demolish Structures

The leaders of Jefferson County Tomorrow, the group fighting plans to build an intermodal facility in New Market, sent members a memo this week about their discovery of a request for bids to demolish eight structures in the neighborhood.

"The Norfolk Southern bid request for demolition is listed on a published construction website under the heading of Custom/Spec Homes. This represents their attempt to keep this action out of the public eye by misrepresenting the actual construction that is to take place, rather than listing the job under the logical/appropriate section on the professional website. The website is accessible only by paid subscription to the construction industry, allowing for this activity to remain covert and unavailable to the general public."

"To our immediate knowledge, no press releases or public announcements have been made regarding the… current project. Local officials we have contacted on the matter had not been informed of this impending activity."

The group urges members to contact local officials to protest a "confidential and back room move" since the county will have to approve road closures if the intermodal plan is to be built.

The group is trying to get the railroad switch yard moved to a brown field industrial park rather than on the farm land, adjacent to an elementary school.