James Agee's 100th Birthday Celebration

Our man James Agee is almost 100 (or might be, if he hadn't drunk and smoked himself to death at age 45) and the Knox County Library, in conjuction with the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound, is planning a centennial celebration for the Knoxville-born author for the weekend of October 23-25. It's being planned as a festival of sorts, and they're emphasizing the public side of his career, especially the movies, tentatively including the Mitchum classic, The Night of the Hunter, for which Agee wrote the screenplay. Also on the bill will be a very rare screening of Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, a short feature from 1952 that Agee wrote and acted in, taking the role of town drunk. Local Agee students including singer/songwriter R.B. Morris and professor/editor Michael Lofaro are also likely participants.