Inter-Modal Demolition Begun

Norfolk Southern's plans for an inter-modal facility in New Market continue apace as virtually all the tracts necessary for the project have been purchased and demolition of houses and barns has begun. A warehouse facility used for processing local produce has been reduced to a concrete slab.

Jefferson County Tomorrow, the group trying to relocate the inter-modal to a brownfield site rather than farmland, is continuing to fight the project, which will require environmental permits and road closings.

The inter-modal is a train switch yard in which semi-tractor trailers gather and the trailers are put on rail cars for transport. Local residents complain that the facility is 12 miles from the interstate and will result in hundreds of tractor-trailer rigs on local roads.

Norfolk Southern is currently constructing inter-modal yards in Memphis, Birmingham, and other places. It will likely be 2014 before construction is planned for the New Market site.