Innovations in Fund-raising

Times are tough for all charities, but some incidents on Gay Street last week prove it's all in how you present yourself. When a couple of plaid lads wearing kilts came downtown to appear on WDVX, at least two random pedestrians stopped them just to ask them about their kilts—and then promptly offered them money.

One of the kilted lads was sometime Knoxvillian RobRoy MacGregor, who, despite his name, wasn't the one with the Scottish brogue. That was the earnest young Edinburger, Angus Crabbie. They looked perfectly healthy and well-fed, but they were indeed seeking money to plant trees in Scotland, the equivalent of 10 pounds per tree. And he'll be able to plant at least two of them thanks to people on Gay Street stopping to offer cash. "We didn't even have to ask!" said the slightly astonished Crabbie. If you want to help make Scotland greener, go to