Inflation is Everywhere

Back when former Vol quarterback Tony Robinson got busted for cocaine, there were a lot of stories about "hundred-dollar handshakes" when boosters would reward players for a good game—a special handshake for a touchdown or a spectacular play.

In the latest scandal at Oklahoma State University, Sports Illustrated reports that boosters gave players $500 to $800 for a good game. We blame inflation.

Media reports have identified three Vols who got money in violation of NCAA rules. They include Tyler Bray, now in the NFL, and Mo Couch, suspended from the team. The latest is Arian Foster who said he was paid while a player. He's with the Houston Texans. An intriguing aspect of the Foster story is that in addition to a booster giving him money, a coach came over one day with "50 tacos" because Foster and some other guys were really hungry.

There has been a guessing game about who that coach might be, but it's a cinch he is no longer at UT. All the Phil Fulmer-era coaches are gone. But he couldn't have been too bright if he couldn't have just advised the players that they had free food in the dining room at Gibbs Hall.

Foster came to the UT spring game this year, though he may not be invited back next year.

UT is still on NCAA probation until 2015 thanks to the Lane Kiffen era.