If Inertia Rules, Greg Mackay Will His Election Post

The betting at this point is that Democratic election administrator Greg Mackay will keep his job rather than be replaced by a Republican.

Local election commissions across the state are embroiled in controversy. Some of them are being attacked for firing the Democratic administrators and hiring Republicans, others are being attacked for not replacing the Democrat since Republicans took over the Legislature.

There doesn't seem to be a groundswell for any particular Republican to replace Mackay and the legislative delegation is reluctant to intervene. State Sen. Tim Burchett, the leader of the delegation, is planning to run for County Mayor next year and would not like to see a full-blown controversy that splits the county party and result in a messy lawsuit. Burchett is attempting to finesse the situation.

The matter would be moribund, except for Knox County Republican chair Ray Jenkins who is pressing the delegation to follow through and demand Mackay be replaced. Jenkins' Republican Party also passed a resolution opposing Mackay's signature reform, the convenience voting plan that replaces precinct voting with a series of central locations during a 20-day period prior to election day. The last day of early voting would be election day.