Hurley "Air Swimming" Against Political Tide?

Relations between state Rep. Julia Hurley and her Republican colleagues have become strained. Hurley feels the House caucus has not been supportive enough defending criticism from what she calls "the liberal media" and House members are tired of Hurley's antics that are embarrassing them.

Some harsh words have been exchanged; some leaders have been insulted.

After one bone-headed stunt after another, the Republican caucus has not exactly rallied around the beleaguered Hurley, whose district lies mostly in Roane County. She defeated a 20-year incumbent Democrat and was an early darling of the young conservatives.

In the midst of her YouTube controversy with her dog being held out the car window to "air swim," Brian Hornback revealed that Hurley had let her website domain lapse and if you click on now it goes to her opponent's website. Each controversy brings paragraphs of background on the 30-year-old former Hooter's girl—having to apologize for going off on a state trooper, carving her name in her House desk, taking her butt-ugly hairless dog into the Roane County courthouse.

She sent out an e-mail this week about each incident, basically saying "What's the big deal?" She apologized to the trooper, a lot of people throughout history have carved on their desk, and other people carry dogs into the Roane County courthouse.

She now has her website at

Some of her colleagues have said they think she is just one more stunt away from embarrassing the House. Too late.