House Speaker Kent Williams to Host Fund-Raiser

Tennessee House Speaker Kent Williams made news with a list of 30 fellow House Republicans joining him as hosts for a Knoxville fund-raiser to raise money for legislative races. Williams has been thrown out of the state Republican Party for using Democratic votes to get elected Speaker but he still has support from a majority of the Republican caucus in the elect-Republicans effort.

A list of 19 East Tennessee business leaders has been added to the host committee, some of the names include John Turley, developer of Turkey Creek, Scott Niswonger, CEO of LandAir, Raja Jabran, local construction magnate, businesswoman Sherri Lee, Marvin Hammond, longtime chief of Halls Powell Utility, attorney Billy Stokes, and public relations executive Susan Williams. Also listed as hosts are Sheriff Jimmy "JJ" Jones and state Sens. Doug Overby and Rusty Crowe.

The event will be at the Foundry, Nov. 6, at 5:30 p.m.