Hornback Attack!

"Breaking News of the Investigative type" was the subject line of an e-mail sent out by blogger/former Knox County GOP Chairman Brian Hornback to local editors and reporters last Wednesday. In it he linked to a post at Brian's Blog, where he questioned whether new Deputy Director Administrator of Elections Scott Frith was hired following proper procedures. (Courthouse scuttlebutt is that Frith was hired to mollify Republicans still miffed over the retention of Democratic Elections Administrator Greg Mackay despite their majority on the Election Commission; Frith was the Republican runner-up. This was noted in an Ear to the Ground item posted three hours before Hornback's.)

Metro Pulse reporter Charles Maldonado looked into Hornback's specific accusations of impropriety and found they didn't hold much water, which he detailed in a blog post at The Daily Pulse the next day, adding that Hornback did at least have a general point about the hiring's lack of transparency. And he found a Brian's Blog post from 2005 affirming how much Hornback likes Frith. Or used to.

This did not sit well with Hornback, who then issued another e-mail to local media: "Response to Error Filled Metro Pulse Blog Post." In a new blog post, headlined "Metro Pulse Gets it Wrong and Fabricates Brian's Blog Post," he writes that, "A search of Scott Frith's name on Brian's Blog does not turn up a post dating back to 2005." Now it doesn't, that's for sure. But if you use a search engine named Google, the number-one return is entitled "Brian's Blog: Congratulations to Scott Frith." Oh, and Google also lets you see recently deleted blog posts by hitting the "Cached" link. Tsk, tsk.