Is the Honeymoon Over Between Gov. Haslam and Republican Legislators?

There was some tension between Gov. Bill Haslam and the more conservative members of his party in the state Legislature last session, but nothing serious.

But last week Haslam started to discuss reservations he has with the voter photo ID law and wants to discuss it with legislative leaders. Republican-controlled legislatures around the country have enacted voter ID; it is a top item on the Republican agenda. Legislators are in no mood to back off on it, no matter how much criticism they get from their Democratic colleagues.

This comes on the heels of conservatives pushing for cuts this session in the Hall income tax and the inheritance tax. Haslam conceded reductions are a good idea but opposes cutting revenue given the state of the economy and projected budget deficits.

These are three issues likely to be points of contention when the Legislature meets next month.