Holman's Anti-Abortion Blitz Leaves Broyles in Awkward Position

County Commissioner Amy Broyles may have been embarrassed by one of her picks for City Council. The Democratic progressive endorsed Gerry Holman in the 3rd District, instead of Democratic activist Brenda Palmer. [Ed. Note: So did we.]

But in the waning days of the campaign, Holman sent out a vigorous anti-choice mailer, promising to ban abortions in the 3rd District. No way to gauge whether the mailer helped or hurt, but it did anger many pro-choice Democrats. Broyles also endorsed Ray Abbas, who ran well in Broyles' North Knoxville district, but his opponent, Nick Della Volpe, pulled out a win with a strong showing in Sequoyah Hills.

Such gaffes are why most public office holders do not get involved in other races.