Ho Hum Council Races

Do term limits, in reality, mean eight-year terms?

With the deadline of running for City Council one week away, four of five incumbents have no potential opposition. Nick Pavlis, Brenda Palmer, Nick Della Volpe, and Daniel Brown have not had anyone pick up a petition to run against them.

The only possible race at this point is that Anthony Hancock has picked up a petition to run against Duane Grieve. But Hancock has not turned in a petition. He said earlier that he would wait until the end of the school year (he's a teacher) to make a decision. As of this writing he still hadn't decided whether to make the race or not. He got his name into the political arena last year running against state Rep. Steve Hall.

In recent years it has appeared that candidates would prefer to wait for an open seat rather than run against an incumbent.

The deadline for filing to run for City Council is June 20. The election is Nov. 5.