Haslam's First (Potential) Veto

The Family Action of Tennessee group, headed by former state Sen. David Fowler, is continuing to ask its members to write, call, and e-mail Gov. Bill Haslam, asking him not to follow through on his plan to veto an anti-Vanderbilt University piece of legislation as he has promised. Since the Legislature is no longer in session, a veto kills the bill and it cannot be overridden.

The conservative group objects to Vanderbilt's policy of requiring all organizations on campus to allow "all comers" to join and participate. They claim Vanderbilt objects to Christian ministries on campus having a policy that only Christians can serve in leadership positions. The conservatives in the Legislature agreed and passed legislation, based on the private university's hospital receiving state funds for the poor and indigent.

Some legislators are not upset by Haslam's veto and believe passing the bill was enough—a "shot across the bow"—and that Vanderbilt might review the policy before next year's session.