Haslam Plays Another Game of Chance

Internet searches for "Haslam" and "gambling" have been popular this last week.

The website for the Louisiana Gaming Commission lists gaming licenses for two casino/slot machine operations in Pilot truck stops. The owners listed on the licenses include William E. Haslam, Knoxville. That would be Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, candidate for governor. He has a 38 percent ownership. Another 38 percent is owned by his brother Jimmy. Father Jim owns 9 percent and the remaining share is owned by the Cynthia Ann Haslam Bailey Trust.

The slot machine operations are at Pilot No. 199 and Pilot No. 274, license numbers 5002512214 and 0804512585.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board website says the agency is required to provide a central registry of all gaming locations and the name and address of any person who owns more than a 5 percent interest in an establishment.

Pilot stations at four Nevada locations have website listings for Pilot Casinos with 60-70 slot machines each operated by Leisure Gaming Inc., a private Nevada company.

Haslam opponents may go public on the issue this week, using it as a reason for Haslam to fully disclose his Pilot holdings.