Haslam Likes High Octane

The scuttlebutt among former University of Tennessee players and their coaching contacts is that new Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam realizes that the team is unlikely to contend for a Super Bowl next year, but Haslam is determined to give the fans more excitement on the long road to playoff contention.

It's why Haslam went after the Oregon coach Chip Kelly, known for his high octane and exciting offenses. When he failed to land Kelly, Haslam settled on Rob Chudzinski, the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. "Chud" has been mentoring new-to-the league Cam Newton and the improvement in passing yardage and total yardage for the team has set records and got them to the playoffs this year. The Browns also have hired former head coach Norv Turner, considered one of the best play callers in the game, as offensive coordinator.

Haslam is known as a hard-driving executive who demands excellence. He has promised Cleveland fans that the team will be a contender and no longer an also-ran.