Grocery Wine Death Premature?

A bill to allow wine sales in groceries was defeated in a House committee last week and declared dead. Very few people around the Legislature believe it.

The evidence?

The bill continues to move in the state Senate. If it is indeed dead in the House, they wouldn't bother.

The vote embarrassed Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, who advocated for the bill and voted to break a tie to get it out of a subcommittee. She cannot let the rejection stand.

Harwell's mother died last week and she has been dealing with personal issues. But when she returns look for a "come to Jesus" meeting with some of her Republican members. The bill can be revived if someone who voted against it makes the request.

This is the first year of a two-year session. If the bill passes the Senate, it can wait for passage next year in the House, as a last resort.