Greg Mackay Faces Republican Maneuvers to Oust Him (Again)

Will they do the deed Friday?

The Knox County Election Commission meets then to "organize." Since the commission has only one new member, Ron McNutt, it shouldn't require much reorganization—unless the commission decides to reorganize the staff. McNutt was appointed to replace Paul Crilly because Crilly voted with the Democrats to retain election administrator Greg Mackay, a Democrat, rather than replace him with a Republican. If McNutt was appointed because his predecessor wouldn't vote to replace Mackay, then it would seem that Mackay's days are numbered.

Control of election commissions follows the makeup of the Legislature. Election commissions across the state, even in Republican counties, have long been controlled by the Democrats because that party controlled the Legislature. But with the Republican takeover, the Republicans have been taking control of election commissions around the state.

Though Mackay was retained, with Crilly's vote, the commission also hired Republican Scott Frith as his assistant. Will Frith replace his boss? Will Frith hire Mackay as his assistant? Will someone else show up? Stay tuned.