Greg "Lumpy" Lambert Appears on True-Crime TV Show

A new syndicated true-crime show has been in town this week filming an episode about former Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert's run-in with an armed robber.

Associated Television International is filming 13 episodes about actual crimes for its CrimeStrike series, which will launch in 2011. (See:— "How prepared are you and your family for the unthinkable?") The Los Angeles-based production company hopes to wrap up filming on Friday.

Lambert pulled his gun to foil an armed robber who had pretended to be buying a car, and the robber fled. Lambert was able to identify the suspect and he was later discovered to have killed a previous victim in a robbery attempt.

Lambert, an outspoken member of Commission, did not seek re-election this year. He first gained public attention with an interview on The Today Show about one of his used car promotions: giving away a rifle with every purchase.