Gov. Phil Bredesen Backs House Speaker Kent Williams

Some 14,000 Carter County households got a call from Gov. Phil Bredesen this past week asking them to vote for a Republican—depending on your definition of a Republican.

House Speaker Kent Williams was thrown out of the party by the Republican executive committee after he voted with the Democrats to make himself speaker. He is running for re-election as an independent, or a Carter County Republican. His opponent is former state Rep. Jerome Cochran, a Republican who has the full-throated support and financial support of the House Republican caucus.

Bredesen, the out-going Democratic governor, called Williams and offered to do the "robo-calls," and recorded a message citing Williams working with him to balance the budget. There is no Democrat running in the heavily Republican county. Williams defeated Cochran to take the seat originally. Williams has been polling well ahead thus far.