Gov. Haslam Performs Wedding Ceremony

Post Politics posted it first, but it's the credo of every wedding and event planner in East Tennessee: You don't schedule anything in the fall unless it's a bye week for the Vols.

Thus it was that Gov. Bill Haslam performed the marriage ceremony for his daughter Annie and her new husband David Colquitt at the governor's mansion last weekend—an event first announced by President Barack Obama at an education conference in Washington on Friday, attended by Haslam.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bob Corker's daughter Julia also got married—the same night. But you wouldn't know it from news reports. There is no announcement or coverage of the event in the Chattanooga papers or anywhere else. There was a church wedding in Chattanooga and a private reception at the Corker home. One suspects the Haslam wedding would have been the same, had it not been leaked by the president.

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