GOP Loses Donor

It sounds like the GOP lost a major source of funding since the Democrats have picked Bill Freeman as the treasurer of the state Democratic Party.

A resolution is being circulated to oust the newly selected treasurer because of thousands of dollars he has contributed to the Republican National Committee ($10,000), the state Republican Party ($11,000), and to Lamar Alexander ($1,250) and Bob Corker ($4,100). The petition says he also gave money to Republican candidates Van Hilleary ($5,000 in 2002), Jim Bryson ($5,000 in 2006), and Mae Beavers ($1,250 between 2003 and 2006). The proposed ouster resolution says the figures are from the Federal Election Commission and the state registry of elections finance.

Democratic e-mails are especially incensed at the contributions to Corker and the state party since the money was used to defeat Harold Ford Jr., the Democratic nominee for Senate in 2006.

If 10 members of the executive committee can be convinced, a special called meeting would consider the matter—the next regularly scheduled meeting of the executive committee is in July.

But TNDP Chair Chip Forrester has been a vehement supporter of Freeman's since this all came out, and it looks like his campaign's been working, as reported Tuesday in Nashville Scene reporter Jeff Woods' blog. Woods asked Larry Mullins—who's been identified as a leading anti-Freemanite—what is likely to come out of the mess surrounding the GOP contributions, Mullins replied, "Probably nothing. You don't want me to bullshit you, do you?" Mullins, the CEO of Industrial Electronics Services, went on to say that in a recent TNDP executive committee conference call, "When it came time to actually ask... nobody asked him to step down.