The Game is About Winning?

Bob Corker thinks the Cleveland Browns will be a lot more competitive in the near future.

On a trip to Knoxville last week, Tennessee's U.S. Senator was queried about his friend and college roommate Jimmy Haslam's purchase of the NFL franchise. Corker noted that Haslam is "a competitive guy." He said even when the two of them go out to ride bicycles, Haslam is "all about how far have we gone" and how fast.

Corker said Haslam expects to buy a house in Cleveland and spend at least one day a week in the city supervising the team. The CEO of Pilot Flying J is paying $1 billion for the team, which has struggled to make the playoffs, much less contend for a championship. He will have to sell his minority interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jimmy Haslam and his competitiveness took the family business and built it into one of the largest privately held companies in the country.